Where touch becomes

Where touch becomes a strong
and omnivorous fruit: deforesting
the hand and the recognition: indeterminacy
where one becomes briefly the other
in that sameness of cells and intention

Where dryness is attributed to the tedium
of the world chasing the clouds and the evolution
that leave it so unchanged: crust
and boil of contortions of the tenuous
inconsistent foundations
from its broths

There, and in so many places without place and
without pursuit nor calm
there, a mercury
a torn index pointing
towards the center of the moment: regression
of the embrace and the tree-lined urgency
of an embarrassed wealth

There, one day, between a crucifixion and an hypothesis
the opportunity to be, was lost
at the very moment of existence: when
the alveoli and blood cells and the score
detach from its function and its rhythm

There, where one is neither one self nor the other nor anything
there, one truly exists


© Marcelo Wio

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