We create symbol

We create symbol


so others can get lost

in the gentle excuse of its lure

of exegesis and mysticism and conventions – as we

are tempted by past metaphors

and to avoid

the apprehension to explain (so transitory, so biological as we are),

while believing

that, paradoxically, in this avoidance lies

the principle of discernment

as a password

to defer the recovery of the fragments

that we are (that we scatter, rather); of the life

that we fear so much, as if we were

unrelated to it

to pretend

to be the very boundary

between impossibility and inevitability

The symbol necessarily composes an essence

of denial: invariably returning to the point

from which it promised to lead us to

decisive discoveries.

Leaving the spirit

with no will

of synthesis or idealization: terrified


that pretends to evolve by beginning, time

after time, the same process. The same


We create

excuse. Escape.

Through symbol.

© Marcelo Wio

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