A city grows from within

Ilustración: Martin Lewis

A city grows from within

New York – but not as if this was a womb

or a predecessor. More like a climbing plant

that retakes its territory after a catastrophe: engulfing

walls, buildings, any crude form of humanity.


Slowly, undetectable, almost becoming

the architecture and the demography that

pretends to supersede – as if mimicking

was its initial strategy.


But steadily, slight alterations occur – a new

voice that tells a story that belongs

to a biography that is not yet, but that is beginning

to be – just some minor primordial but irrevocable

pieces: an attractor that will loosely and inadvertently command

the complexity; a fragment of an initial condition


which is an accessory condition that adds to the inevitability

of a process long initiated: almost with the foundation

of New York: with the foreign voice that mentioned

the convenience of that place and that imagined

a first building, a first conversation purely made

of the new idiosyncrasies.


Right there, in that imagining two voices, he

imagined unknowingly, a third. It took a while

for this one to learn its own soul. Then, the rest

came just naturally: the zeal for future – the need

to conceive continuity – ensured it.



© Marcelo Wio

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